Devuan Documentation (structural draft)


Mayor list items represent chapters (pages), subitems sections within those or subpages. The tree structure below is, however, not meant to imply the actual layout of how the documentation should be presented.

Things to (possibly) include as well (later)

  • Devuan FAQ (where to put it?)
  • “Getting started” section
    • Basically, a concise summary of the installation guide to get you up and running fast
    • probably better call that “Quick start”, since “Getting started” pages usually seem to have another function (cf. Firefox and Debian)
    • they usually provide an overview of what you can do and where to find what
    • look at what “Getting started” is in Debian
  • Lists of software available in Devuan sorted per task (like media players, burning a cd, wifi, web browsing, graphics and publihing etc. see, or
  • administration and user manuals
    • managing user accounts
    • sharing files in a workgroup
    • basic networking
    • basic security
    • etc.


  • check and for Debian's documentation structure
  • For explanations on various kinds of documentation (manuals/guides, howtos, faq) see
  • Try not to reinvent the wheel. If there is quality (official) documentation on something, link to it (or fork it, if necessary).
  • include license information
  • What role is this wiki going to play? Thoroughly maintained community documentation (like Arch Wiki) vs. laissez-faire (like Debian's wiki) vs. primarily a development platform for official Devuan docs.