About this site

What this site is

A place where anyone interested in Devuan can share and learn about installing, tuning and maintaining our favourite OS.

What this site is not

A replacement for the Devuan site. Or the manual, which incidentally is a great project for volunteers. The official site will be ready when it's ready.

What happens after devuan.org is populated?

Any useful information here may end up folded back into an official Devuan wiki as soon one is available. Please bear that in mind when contributing. If you don't wish your contribution to be shared with the official distro site, let us know.

Who can contribute?

You can. Please do.

What should I contribute?

Anything useful to you and the Devuan community: notes on successful installations, links to useful repositories, shell scripts, dealing with hardware, adapting software to a non-systemd environment, and so on.

What is your default content license?

Unless a contributor says otherwise, content is posted under the GNU Free Documentation License. If you want to contribute but prefer another license, please specify it at the beginning of your article or get in touch with the site admin. Please restrict your choice to a suitable copyleft alternative or a documentation-friendly Creative Commons license.

How do I contact the site admin?

Please send a message via the contact page.

What else?

Please use this site responsibly! Any trolling, spam, distro-war posts and the like will be resolutely swept under the carpet. The perpetators will be subjected to a long, hard stare. At least.